Tree and Shrub Care

With the prolonged drought conditions here in California and the water restriction in place it is more important now to care for the trees and shrubs surrounding your property. With lawns becoming a thing of the past, healthy trees and shrubs can add 15% to your property value but tree and shrub caring can be a hassle.

So let us set up your landscape for success by doing a comprehensive “Tree and Shrub Care” program for you. Our program includes deep root feedings for your trees using state of the art equipment and a nutrient package designed to deliver the right amount of nutrient to the roots of your trees. The shrub program will target diseases and insects that are common to our area and keep those pests from destroying your valuable plants.

For trees larger than 20ft. The Mauget injection system is the most widely used process of delivering chemicals directly into the trees cambium layer for immediate uptake to control diseases and insects in  large trees where spraying isn’t possible.

We also offer landscape spraying services for those who may have large properties that require spraying to control unwanted weeds. No property is too large or small.

Listed below are some of our additional services:
  • Tree and Shrub program
  • Landscape spraying services
  • Tree injection
  • Deep root feedings (trees, shrubs and orchards)
  • Dormant spraying for orchards
  • Rose care (disease and insects)
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