Ground Squirrel Control

Ground squirrels are very cute, but are also very destructive and carry diseases, specifically the plague.  The damage they create is multiple large sized holes and runs.  These holes and runs create a place to feed, sleep, raise young, and hibernate.  They are also created in order to escape predators by maneuvering from one run to the next.  Ground squirrel burrows can be in lawns, on hillsides, under trees, causing damage to your beautiful landscaping.  Hillside erosion is a common result of squirrel invasion.

Method of treatment for Ground Squirrel Control:

  • Baits are an effective and economical way to treat ground squirrels.  The bait that is used is considered first generation bait. With first generation baits there are very little traces, if any, of rodenticide in non-target animals.  Below is the link to the Department of Pesticide Regulation noting the recent study done on first generation, second generation, and non-anticoagulant rodenticides.  All baits are placed inside a bait box and are secured to the ground.
  • Traps are another effective treatment of squirrels. However, if you have someone do live ground squirrel trapping make sure they are licensed to trap by Dept. of Fish and Game.

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