Gopher Control

A gopher is an underground rodent that creates damage to plants, trees, ornamental’s, and other vegetative areas. They can also do damage to irrigation lines, leech lines, and more while tunneling. Gophers have long front teeth that are utilized to create a series of runs and chambers underground. Inactivity is not an option for them as the teeth will overgrow and they will starve to death. Gophers are usually nocturnal, though they will sometimes come out during the day. Gophers are distinguished by their horseshoe shaped mounds as well as holes (known as feed holes) that have been filled in with dirt. Runs can go as deep as 6 feet and varying depths which help to provide them an escape route if needed. Gophers are territorial and they will fight to the death if another gopher enters their run, unless it is mating season (which can occur up to three times a year and produce 5-6 babies each time). Gophers do not have a problem utilizing an old existing run, which is why customers will often find new mounds in previously treated area. Controlling them is the only way to help prevent losing plants and having an unsightly yard. There are no ways to permanently prevent gophers from coming into your yard, but with gopher control you can save your plants from being completely destroyed.

Method of treatment | Gopher Control – How to Get Rid of Gophers:

  • Traps can be a certain and effective way to get rid of gophers, but it can be time consuming and costly if using a professional. If you do use a professional make sure they are licensed otherwise anything that happens on your property becomes your responsibility. In addition, if something happens you will have no recourse.
  • Baits are the quickest and easiest way to get rid of gophers especially when done by a licensed professional. However, if a homeowner uses bait bought on the market and the gopher gets bait aversion, often, all other poisons will be ineffective. All baits for gopher control are applied below ground so non-target animals are not able to ingest the bait.
  • Gasses are generally ineffective, the gas usually escapes or the gopher senses it and will plug up the area so as to avoid exposure.
  • Vibration Tools are generally ineffective as well for gopher control. The package states that it draws in gophers then it is supposed to deter them. By the time they are deterred, if they really are at all, your plants are gone.
  • Home remedies (gum, cat poop, etc) these are ineffective ways to get rid of gophers. Gophers have an “iron” stomach and can digest anything including your irrigation pipes etc.
  • Owl Boxes are also ineffective. Owls generally hunt away from home and in more rodent populated areas. Owl boxes also can become a home for bees or other unintended creatures instead of the intended owl.

 Treatment Plans for Gopher Control:

We offer monthly, every other month, and quarterly programs, as well as
“on-call”. Programs are based on the customer’s need to help control of gophers, but not paying for a service that you don’t need (contracts).

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