Pesticide Residue on Produce in California

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With the growing concern about what Americans are eating these days, one avenue in which we are making headway is the reduced use of pesticides on our produce. California has been instrumental in ensuring that the produce we eat has minimal to no amounts of pesticide residue. In a recent study the Department of Pesticide Regulation has found that the majority of produce has residue that is within tolerant levels and next to that no residue at all. This is great news for consumers and farmers. We are finding ways to limit exposure to pesticides while making sure that our agricultural industry here in California is still thriving by keeping control over pests. It further encourages the use of a licensed pest control operator in order to ensure pesticides are used properly to help reduce exposure. For more information on the study please visit:

Pesticide Residue on Produce in California by Gopher-B-Gone

Jennifer MartinezPesticide Residue on Produce in California

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