The Importance of Controlling Fleas

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You’re sitting down enjoying the movie you just put into your dvd player when you begin itching your leg. It’s getting really annoying now as you’re just itching constantly. You look down and there they are all the tiny, itchy bumps from fleas. You take care of your dog/cat/both, take care of the house, but what about outside where they originated? It is extremely important to control fleas outside as well. Fleas, which attach themselves to rodents, can transmit the plague. These rodents then enter into your yard, and now you may have infected fleas in your yard. Transmission of the plague can be through a bite, blood or bodily fluid transfer, even inhalation of the bacteria. Though the plague is not a common disease that people get, it is better to be safe than have to be hospitalized and placed in isolation (if treated in time).

The importance of controlling fleas in the yard by Gopher-B-Gone.

Jennifer MartinezThe Importance of Controlling Fleas

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