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Mission Statement:

Gopher-B-Gone is a licensed pest control company specializing in gopher control, mole trapping, ground squirrel trapping and rodent control to prevent lawn damage and landscape destruction. We provide commercial, HOA and residential pest control services throughout San Diego County; east to Alpine, south to Chula Vista, north to Poway and everywhere in between.

Gopher-B-Gone values the necessity to control pests.  As a family owned pest control company we strive to help our customers maintain their valuable landscaping without paying through the nose.  Having been in business for over 20 years we understand the sporadic nature of pests.  In order to ensure we have customer satisfaction we cater our services to the needs of each property.  Our employees are dedicated to keeping with the long standing tradition of “customers come first”.  A once referral only business, we are now expanding in hopes to grow and allow everyone the opportunity to receive quality pest control care.

Gopher-B-Gone employees are state certified while the owner is state licensed and follows all rules and regulations.  We make sure we get quality products, that the general public may not be able to get.  We utilize them in a manner that limits any risk to non-target animals, we show care and concern for wildlife and pets.  As Gopher-B-Gone continues to grow we will offer more services for our customers.  Though we cannot prevent pests from coming in, we believe in controlling them in order to preserve precious landscaping.  Our goal is to maintain customer satisfaction, quality, and friendly professional services.

The best in San Diego County for Gopher, Squirrel and Mole control on your residential or commercial property.

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